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About us

       K2 Group is Polish company established in 1997, since that time we have been providing our work at height services.

We are experienced in variety of work at height types: such as mountain rescuers,
spelaeologist and climbers. Mountains are our passion.

We can reach any place on any altitude because we use climbing techniques.  This solution allow us to reach the same goals as with scaffolding or by use of heavy equipment. Instead of those its less expensive and less time consuming.

We are experienced in this field. We are working fast and with highest quality as well as with all the safety regulations. We are professionals and we can  work in any conditions (weather, height) with the highest quality standard of our deliverables.

Safety is the key. As we are experienced in mountain climbing as well as we are mountain rescuers we are putting a lot of attention to safety both own and our customers and employees. Our team is always properly trained and healthy. We use only atested equipment with proper certificates.

To make sure that we can accomplish the goal of our customer we select the proper methods and technology per project from a variety of possibilities. It’s very important to select the right equipment and materials, as well as stay compliance with recommendations.